2023 New Years Resolutions

Date Written: December 31st, 2022

2022 is over! Honestly, I don't feel like I've been as productive this year but the biggest thing I did this year was start my webcomic! I'm very happy about that, but now it's time to make plans for next year!
Here are my resolutions:

Successfully Pitch a Comic/Graphic Novel to a Publishing Company

This coming year, I really want to take my dream of making games and, specifically, comics more seriously. I want to be able to say that I’m a comic artist– and be super proud and happy to say that! So my first step is to pitch my comic to publishers and editors and hopefully sign a deal.
This year, I did try pitching a graphic novel idea for the first time ever-- I pitched to the Kids Comic Unite 2022 Pitchfest. I knew I was inexperienced but I felt a little confident about my pitch. On the day of the reveal, I realized that the publishing world is a whole different beast! I severely underestimated what pitching a book takes and just how much goes on in the publishing scene. I did learn so much from the experience and I got to read amazing pitches from talented and experienced artists.
So, this coming year, I’m gonna take everything I’ve learned and create a successful pitch! >:]

Finish Case File: Poe

I’m scared of this resolution… I was gonna put my resolution as getting through 50% of the game but if I don’t give myself a deadline, I’ll never get anything done lol. It’s taken me a whole year just to outline and plan the story of the game because of my slow process, and I’m not even done!
But I want to finish it already! I want to play it already! I want you guys to play it already! I got Dolchio finished in two months once I sat down and actually started working on it instead of procrastinating– why can’t I just do the same and sit down and focus on Case File: Poe? I guess I’m procrastinating a little (a lot) on this game too. I just want to nail down the story, but it’s a little tricky because of the branching storylines and the secret gimmick of the game…
Oh well, no more excuses. I’ve got to do it! >:]

Regularly Update my Webcomic

I haven’t updated my webcomic in months. That makes me so angry at myself! I want to read it, but I can’t read it if I don’t work on it! I just get so distracted… playing games and stuff…
Anyways, I want to get back to regularly updating it. I think I got a little upset at my comic, which put me off from working on it. I have to change the font of the first three chapters as I realize it’s a little difficult to read as a comic font. I also want to remove the screen tones from the first chapters and just make the colors solid grays because I realized that the screen tones don’t look very good when printed.
But I’ll fix those later! The most important thing is getting back to drawing the comic!

Start a Little Online Shop

I have a lot of extra stickers and keychains/charms that I made when I took advantage of some online sales. I bought some stuff because I thought I was gonna get into the Anime NYC artist alley but I didn’t lol. I wanna put up a cute little shop to sell stuff of my games and comics :)

Start a Spooky Youtube Channel

This has nothing really to do with the other creative things that I do, but I’m a big fan of watching scary videos on youtube haha! Pretty much anything to do with ghosts, supernatural beings, weird internet stuff, urban legends, etc.
I wanna start my own channel because it looks like fun! I also want to be able to talk about all the stuff I’ve learned and researched on my own.