Dolchio Process

Original Post Date: January 22nd, 2022 (on twitter)

Now that Dolchio is finished, I can talk a little about the process I used to make the game since I never got a chance! So here's a thread-- sorry about the bad pics lol
ALL of the art in the game was drawn with 5B pencil on paper, scanned, colored, and placed into RPG Maker

I ended up using like 100 sheets of paper for all the art! So that included the individual maps, sprites, and expressions! I made this sad lightbox but it got the work done and I printed out a 48x48 pixel grid that matched the dimensions of the RPG Maker MV grid :)

Big maps, like the towns, took more than one sheet of paper. I drew those out in separate parts and then combined them later

Expressions too! I did this for every character For in-game character sprites, I drew the limbs separately so that I could put them together and animate them like puppets!

I decided to draw everything in the game with pencil because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the look I wanted for the game if I drew everything out digitally! So in the end, I’m actually really happy with how the art came out! <3
Fun fact: I used only used one pencil for all of the game development! Here’s a comparison of a full-sized pencil next to what was left of my poor pencil lol I think it still has a little more to draw until it really runs out >w<