August Update

Date Written: August 16th, 2023

I said I was gonna do this regularly and then I forgot ehehe… But! But! I have an excuse!! Kinda lol

This year has actually been a lot more busy irl than I thought it would be, which hasn’t given me the chance to work on as many things as I would’ve liked. But in some ways, it kind of worked out?

So I had been working since October of last year up until June of this year, and it was kind of a physical job? So I’d get home so exhausted every day and then I wouldn’t really have time to do anything else, which used to really upset me!! I liked having time to just draw and work on MY OWN stuff but the outside world is cruel, woe is me lol. So my comic and Case File: Poe development suffered.

HOWEVER!! Using the extra money from that job I was able to save up and commission an original soundtrack for Case File: Poe! I’m so excited to have been able to do that, as I’ve always wanted my games to have an original soundtrack. Yeah, the Dova-S and other royalty-free songs are beautiful but I want Case File: Poe to have its own special thing.

And on top of that, I was lucky enough to be able to save up and afford my dream trip to JAPAN!! This past July, I went with my family for two weeks! It was super fun, and awesome, and tiring! We were taking at least 20k steps a day, and I thought we were used to walking a lot here in NYC. My twin sister and I had been dreaming of this trip for like 10 years lol. But planning and preparing for that trip also took a lot of time on top of my job. I didn’t get to take a lot of pics because I was the one with Google Maps and leading the group lol x_x

But anyways, jet lag was killer when we got back and then I also… wanted to play artfight!! >:’O

So July went by and now it’s August. I’ve wasted a lot of time telling myself that I shouldn’t pursue my comics or indie games seriously, and trying to follow a normal?? tech career path. I’m gonna be a little dramatic but– life is short!! I’m still young!! I don’t wanna lay on my deathbed and think “Man… I should’ve just drawn that comic…” So yeah, this month I finally decided to take my art and passion a little more seriously hehe. I had been considering it for a couple of months now, but now I’m gonna take the dive! Scary… @ _ @

I’ve been working on three comic pitches, with one that I’m working on more seriously than the others? It’s a dark fantasy adventure story! The biggest souvenir I brought back from Japan was 15 packs of manga paper lol my bag was so heavy coming back. I prefer drawing comics traditionally, and those packs are way cheaper over there so I had to stock up!! I’m using those to draw this comic, along with new nibs and ink from Japan.

So that’s my update so far! Yeah! Hopefully I can get back in the groove of things to work on Mana Days and Case File: Poe again soon.