About me!

Hi! I'm Ashley, but I go by himawariness online. I'm a Dominican NYC-based artist! ^__^

In 2019, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science, but I've always found myself passionate about creating things. I love drawing and making things with my original characters, whether it be comics, games, or other little ideas.

As a little game dev, I've made two games so far-- Hansel and Dolchio-- and I'm working on a third called Case File: Poe!
I draw comics in my free time too! Mana Days is my current webcomic that I work on occasionally, but I'm also working on a few other secret comic ideas! >:]

If I'm not drawing or working on something, you can usually find me watching scary youtube videos or buried in some comic somewhere!

Email: himawariness@gmail.com

About the site!

I mentioned on the homepage how I made this site to have a healthy distance from social media. I know I don't have a huge social media presence to begin with since I know I don't post frequently on twitter or my other socials, but I felt like just thinking about having to keep my account alive to appease the algorithm somehow affects my creativity and makes me a little anxious of my art.
So I made this site to feel more comfortable for posting my art and actually writing down some personal thoughts! Twitter is dying and there really isn't an amazing place to post art yet, but I'm not sure I would want to move to another social media site. I just want to work on my stuff freely :]
I also just thought that having a personal site would be fun!